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Alison Mitchell is a visual artist based in regional South Australia. She creates in a broad range of materials - watercolour, oils and sculpture, but is consistent throughout in working directly from life.

Alison graduated from the University of Adelaide with a first-class honour in Anthropology and this, along with studies in Asian Art and decades of life drawing, informs her practice. Alison is a self-taught artist, untethered from a prescribed working method, though her practice of careful observation of things intentionally arranged and composed in the studio is an old tradition.


“Usually, I sketch with soft charcoal or a diluted oil wash and work on the broad shapes and broad tones. Gradually, as my eyes attune, I begin to see subtle gradations of light, shifts of perspective, small moments of reality. It is a dance, sometimes awkward, sometimes sublime. I am happiest if I have managed to see and paint some aspect that heightens perception of the subject."


Working directly from life, or ‘with life’ as she puts it, Alison manages to capture what naturally appears or occurs in front of her. She is in tune with her subject matter, and surrounding environment, often painting the fruit, vegetables and flowers grown in her home garden that she and Robert tend to.

It is usually some visual nuance that entices me to paint, a particular combination of colour, of light, or an unusual tonal contrast.  It is the roundness and sheen of fruit, the compositional possibilities of a landscape or a particular twist or angle in a model's body. It is seeing the world anew, with fresh eyes.

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